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Digital Marketing Agency
Are you making the most of digital?

Unlock the full potential of your digital investment with our unparalleled experience and expertise. As a dedicated digital marketing agency, we seamlessly integrate with your team, earning your trust as a reliable partner. Leverage the power of our services to enhance your online presence and achieve remarkable results. Whether you need a one-time solution or a long-term collaboration, we are eager to learn your unique story. For a quick overview of our comprehensive services, watch our video. Let’s embark on this digital journey together and make your success our priority. – Read more

Web Design

First impressions count and your website is often your first opportunity to deliver a credible and professional first impression to prospective customers


SEO is the process of getting your website or web pages ranked on the first page of a search engine for your target keywords. This is known as natural or organic traffic

Social Media

As part of our strategy service, we create social media strategies that empower our clients, enabling them to build long-term relationships with their audience
Our Services
At our core, we are a team of down-to-earth, approachable, and authentic individuals who collaborate seamlessly to accomplish tasks. Our passion for the projects we undertake drives us to deliver outstanding results that truly make a difference for our clients. Here's an overview of some of the exceptional digital marketing services we provide...

Web Design

The first stage in the website design and development process is to fully understand the needs and goals of a client’s business.


When we talk about search engines, we normally think in terms of Google. Google accounts for 85% of all traffic in the UK, with Bing & Yahoo trailing in its wake.

Social Media

We guide our clients in building, maintaining and cultivating communities, so that they can engage in and learn from conversations with their audience.


We create content marketing strategies for our clients via blogs, videos, webinars, podcasts, presentations, case studies or newsletters.


Using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.


We devise bespoke, targeted digital advertising campaigns, including PPC that improve visibility, drive traffic and, ultimately, increase ROI.


We provide high-quality hosting services for your websites, through our powerful Linux servers, hosted in a top-class datacenter.


Brain storming, solution finding, mind mapping & sales funnels are just a few areas where we can help you. Our team have worked in many industries.

Insight-led approach
Digital can make your business and brand stronger. It can help you to achieve your long-term goals and make day-to-day operations more efficient. But that doesn't happen by accident, or by jumping into a digital project without first understanding the role it needs to play...
client interaction

From the start of our relationship, we spend time with you to identify the purpose and direction of your project. We define the KPIs that success will be measured upon and gather valuable insights that allow us to deliver the marketing solutions that will work for your business. We continually test strategies to identify those that are the most effective at promoting your brand. We are always focussed on attaining results and optimising your ROI.

project creation

Our approach means that what we create is centred around the vision you have for your business, your requirements as a team and the needs of your audience. Pixelghetto is a digital marketing agency that can help you to find better ways to grow by focusing on three important areas: Creating relevant brand and customer experiences, driving accelerated growth strategies and leveraging digital as a transformative force in your business.

continuing support

Our relationship does not end with the launch. We measure the project’s success using a number of tools, including Google Analytics and other data sources, so that your objectives remain on track. This can include quarterly insight sessions on performance, as well as campaign management, engagement automation, analytics and optimisation. All of which help you to get more from digital and move towards your long-term vision.

What our clients say
Over the years, We've worked with many different clients from different countries and in many different industries. Here's what they have to say about our digital marketing agency...
Dream Property Rome
Andrew Macdougall
Dream Property Rome
Owners Personal Representative

Yes. This is a glowing review. And yes. I am an extremely satisfied client.

How things change. There was a time when having a well-made business card was crucial to making that first impression. It said so much about you (state of mind, anyone?) and your organisation. It was “up there,” along with the unspoken rules of etiquette, punctuality, and integrity. Just thinking back to those days, it’s easy to forget how antiquated that time must have looked through the lens of Gen Z. 

What’s App, PDF, PayPal, TOR, Blockchain, Streaming, Cloud, P2P, and SaaS. Just a few of the newer ways we communicate an idea, service, or transaction. Beguilingly clever stuff.

There is, however, one piece of technology that reminds me so much of the humble business card that most just take it for granted, and that’s a big shame. It will say more about you in three seconds than your dress sense, nose piercing, or charisma. It can look sexy, do stuff in multiple languages, connect to HQ at the touch of a button, have a live employee answer sales questions, and be your window to the world.

What is this miraculous thing? Your web site. One of the greatest inventions ever. Having a blank canvas to communicate your beliefs, values, and uniqueness is priceless. And yet so many businesses get it wrong. It sounds crazy, I know, but think about this for a second. When you’ve landed on a bland, uninspiring site, subconsciously, what are you really thinking?

It’s just so bloody difficult to get a web designer to fully understand your business. Sure, they can “geek out” and do loads of cool stuff. But will they be able to pin point and extract that magical DNA that makes you, you?

Two words. David Roche.

Recently, a dear friend whose mother tongue is not English asked me to oversee the private sale of her property. A daunting task given that I am not an estate agent. However, given my marketing background, I did not hesitate. After a few Zooms and exchanges of emails, it became apparent that what I really needed first was a web designer who understood the Contessa’s objective: to sell her villa.

I knew of David at Pixelghetto before I commissioned him to build Even back then, with his infectious enthusiasm for all things internet, I had already made a mental note that he would be building “something” in the future. When that time did come and a meeting was arranged, he displayed, in my opinion, the “Gold Standard” of any first meeting: Two ears and one mouth used in equal proportion. I conveyed that we wanted an elegant site that would be informative and, most importantly, sell itself. David understood from the get-go that this was no ordinary project and required not just a good looker but also a lot of background technical work to get us all over the net. Thinking back now, it was astonishing that the bare bones of the site was completed in just four days. His attention to detail and relentless “can do” approach is a master class for someone who is at the top of his game.

We all have that little black book of preferred, timely suppliers, efficient partners, and trusted sources. In my black book, David is all three.

Anything I do in the future will have been done with the help and expertise of David at Pixelghetto. Who knows, I may even ask him to design me a new business card!

Alex Webber
Alex Webber
Alex Webber Life

From the moment of engagement, David proved himself fully committed to my project demonstrating both creativity and a detail driven approach that was most welcome given the vagueness of my brief. Throughout its duration, he kept me closely informed as to the progress being made and helped demystify his processes – something vital for a web design novice such as myself. Moreover, the level of post-delivery aftercare could not have been any higher. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. 

John Byrne
Go To Ireland
Owner / Founder

I have worked with David Roche directly since 2005. He has completed 4 amazing projects for me in Countries such as the UAE, Mallorca, USA and Ireland.

On every occasion a brief was discussed and he went above and beyond the remit we set. His dedication and professional approach enabled the projects to be completed not only on time and to a standard way above other companies but his personal contribution at every level made the tasks enjoyable and hugely rewarding.

I would recommend David and his company to any Business looking to start up or expand their platforms.

In 25 years I have never met an individual more dedicated to producing high end personal driven projects that are tailored exactly to the brief set.

Bernard Łukomski
Bernard Łukomski
Kancelaria Prawna Bernard Łukomski
Owner / Lawyer

David is a professional. David is quick and efficient. He has a good sense of client needs, responds to all questions and needs instantly  but above all he is effective and produces desirable results.

David Yearn
David Yearn

What was the objective behind your collaboration?

I needed a new website and company relaunch creating. Pixelghetto were able to deliver both.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?

Excellent service, timely delivery, flexible to amendments and a willingness to help. Every issue had a solution which was good to hear.

Are there any areas for improvements?

I can’t think of any.
David Downie
David Downie
Firstech Sp. z o.o.

Pixelghetto have designed and implemented two websites for my companies over the last 4 years. David’s work has been creative, timely and always kept within the budget set, without any hidden surprises. I recommend David’s services to any organisation who is either creating their website for the first time or freshening up their existing website and to optimise search engine and Responsive web design.

Bendik Rokkan
Bendik Rokkan
BIM Investments Sp. z o.o.

Pixelghetto have recently completed my website. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with the result. The team worked with me throughout, answered my questions and queries promptly, and took note of the elements that I wanted included on the site, whilst also offering valuable guidance and advice. My contact with personnel was utterly professional throughout and I really am most grateful to them for helping me in getting launched! I will certainly be recommending you to my colleagues when they get round to doing their own websites.

Niall Leonard
Niall Leonard
Warsaw Tortilla Factory
Business Owner

I have worked with David on several projects for a number of different business. David is a very talented web designer. He is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance his knowledge to exceed your goals and expectations. He is a fun person to work with, has excellent communication skills and is always helpful and insightful. I consider David a passionate designer with a great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes him a great asset to any company. Thanks to David, our key content is highly optimized for search engines and readily accessible to our visitors. I highly recommend him.

Gary Lycett
Gary Lycett
Head of Admissions

We wholeheartedly recommend Richard Smith and David Roche as professional and dedicated individuals involved with marketing projects. They specifically worked with the promotion of our school through SEO and SEM terms in both English and Polish and different advertisements on a variety of websites. During meetings, they were incredibly helpful in suggesting certain ideas that would help promote our school effectively. Also, whenever we had need to contact them, they maintained a polite and respectful manner during each conversation which helped build a bond of mutual trust. As for the actual marketing campaigns themselves, they had effectively created ways to reach our target audience and increased awareness of us as an emerging school to the international and local community. We were also impressed with the level of respect and interaction that they showed towards other organisations that were also involved in the promotion of our school.

Nahim Choudhury
Nahim Choudhury
Bright Marketing Ideas Group (BMIG)
CEO & Founder

David is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. I recommend David of Trinity Mirror with enthusiasm. David was one of the pioneers of helping newspapers transform itself from just being print to online, David has done great work in a timely manner from whom I have learned an awful lot and would not have been where I am now without his support and guidance. A driven, ambitious individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project. David is a proven person who does and says what he does best which is digital.

The Team
As a client of our digital marketing agency, you will be working together with a dedicated team of marketeers, designers and project managers. We are a collaborative and business-minded team powered by a passion for creating effective and remarkable marketing strategies. We are storytellers!
David Roche
David Roche
Managing Partner
Richard Smith
Richard Smith
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